Merchant Security

Leverage GiftKash to Fight Fraud & Chargebacks


Our Secure Pay When Redeem system virtually eliminates fraud and chargebacks. A unique security key is generated for each EGift card. All communications are encrypted and only the recipient and merchant are given the EGift Card Number. Purchaser's payment source is authenticated at point of purchase, but no charge is placed until the eGift card is redeemed, when re-authentication is required to validate the eGift card. Dual-authentication makes Giftkash Pay When Redeemed eGift cards more fraud deterrent.

We provide a simple tool to verify that a card number is valid - GiftKash is easily verified and redeemed from either - 1) the eGift card email on the customer's phone, 2) a QR Code reader on any mobile device, or 3) our mobile-friendly website.

We guarantee payment on GiftKash that has been verified and redeemed using our secure verify/redemption service.

  • Multi-factor authentication - A merchant code is required to redeem GiftKash. This prevents fraudulent and accidental redemptions.
  • Named Recipient - GiftKash is addressed to a named recipient. If desired, the merchant can require a valid ID to redeem.
  • QR Code - The QR code included in every eGift card email contains the recipient, offer, and card number. This can be inspected to prevent simple copy fraud.

Email us at [email protected] or call 402-819-7913 if you have any questions.