Merchant Benefits

Boost Sales - Acquire New Customers - Drive Referrals

Merchant Benefits

GiftKash helps drive additional sales 24x7 with an online eGift Shop and a quick and secure way to verify & redeem eGift cards.

In today's tech driven world over 400 million Americans have cell phones. As business owners, why are we not taking advantage of a device most Americans have in their pockets constantly?

GiftKash is also a powerful referral marketing tool. Our customers are looking for ways to share what they love with others. Think about it! You are more likely to try a recommendation from a friend, family member, or coworker than an advertisement. GiftKash gives local businesses the power to drive sales by utilizing their customers referrals. It is simple! Your customers can send eGift cards from anywhere at anytime to anyone.

Pricing is a Simple & Risk-Free - See Pricing

  • eGift Card Sale Revenues
  • Acquire New Customers
  • Generate Leads & Referrals
  • Verify & Redeem eGift Cards on any Mobile Device
  • Drive Repeat Business & Create Loyalty
  • Collect Email Addresses
  • Eliminate Gift Card Transaction Fees
  • Eliminate Breakage (Long-term Gift Card Liability) & Simplify Accounting
  • Enable Trading Partnerships and Realize Expenses at Cost & Only When Redeemed
  • Provide Content for Marketing Campaigns & Promotions
  • EGift Card tracking & Analytics

GiftKash is FREE for anyone to send and is either Paid for When Purchased or Paid for When Redeemed. The Pay When Redeem concept empowers your community to send more gifts and referrals to your business since they can expire and not all of them get redeemed.

Email us at [email protected] or call 402-819-7913 if you have any questions.