Generate Gift Card Revenue & Empower Your Network!

Merchant Benefits

GiftKash helps drive additional sales 24x7 with an online eGift Shop and a quick and secure way to verify & redeem eGift cards. GiftKash is also a powerful referral marketing tool when used to empower customers, staff, and trading partners with deals and Pay When Redeemed eGift cards they can leverage to promote your business while promoting theirs!

Pricing is a Simple & Risk-Free - Choose $20/month with a 3% processing fee -OR- a flat 10% Commission with NO Monthly or Processing fees! Cancel Anytime.

  • eGift Card Sale Revenues
  • Acquire New Customers
  • Generate Leads & Referrals
  • Verify & Redeem eGift Cards on any Mobile Device
  • Drive Repeat Business & Create Loyalty
  • Collect Email Addresses
  • Eliminate Gift Card Transaction Fees
  • Eliminate Breakage (Long-term Gift Card Liability) & Simplify Accounting
  • Enable Trading Partnerships and Realize Expenses at Cost & Only When Redeemed
  • Provide Content for Marketing Campaigns & Promotions
  • EGift Card tracking & Analytics

GiftKash is FREE for anyone to send and is either Paid for When Purchased or Paid for When Redeemed. The Pay When Redeem concept empowers your community to send more gifts and referrals to your business since they can expire and not all of them get redeemed.

Create Your Own Offers

Traditional or Pay When Redeemed - Traditional eGift Cards are paid for by the customer when purchased and the merchant is paid at that time. Pay When Redeemed eGift Cards are a new concept where the purchaser is only charged when the eGift card is redeemed. This empowers customers to send more gifts - since they can expire and not all gift cards are redeemed. This simple concept creates a referral marketing machine for the merchant - generating sales, new customers, repeat visits, email addresses, and other benefits. Pay When Redeemed eGift cards virtually eliminate fraud and chargebacks because no money changes hands until a valid eGift card is redeemed with authenticated payment.

Create full-price or discounted EGifts that can be sent with a personalized message

  • Full-Price Example: $25 GiftKash for $25
  • Discount Price Example: $25 GiftKash for $20
  • Customer can send EGift Cards anytime 24x7 through the custom-branded ECommerce store that is provided to the merchant and is charged according to the offer terms (Pay When Purchased or Pay When Redeemed)
  • All offers & eGift Cards are created and managed in the Admin console that is also provided for the merchant

You can also create incentives (Deals) that can be sent as token gifts or used for marketing promotions

  • Advertise a discount or incentive to drive traffic to your business (e.g. 10% off first purchase)
  • Give a FREE item to a loyal customer or employee as a thank you, reward, or prize
  • Make FREE items available to local sales professsionals to use as thank yous and tokens of appreciation
  • Build your mailing list by using GiftKash to deliver instant deals to customers who register their email address
  • Offers can be Public or Private to one or more trusted account holders


Our Secure Pay When Redeem system virtually eliminates fraud and chargebacks. A unique, time-based key is generated for each EGift card. All communications are encrypted and only the recipient and merchant are given the EGift Card Number. Purchaser's payment source is authenticated at point of purchase, but no charge is placed until the eGift card is redeemed, when re-authentication is required to validate the eGift card. Dual-authentication makes Giftkash Pay When Redeemed eGift cards more fraud deterrent.

We provide a simple tool to verify that a card number is valid - GiftKash is easily verified and redeemed from either - 1) the eGift card email on the customer's phone, 2) a QR Code reader on any mobile device, or 3) our mobile-friendly website.

We guarantee payment on GiftKash that has been verified and redeemed using our secure verify/redemption service.

  • Multi-factor authentication - A merchant code is required to redeem GiftKash. This prevents fraudulent and accidental redemptions.
  • Named Recipient - GiftKash is addressed to a named recipient. If desired, the merchant can require a valid ID to redeem.
  • QR Code - The QR code included in every eGift card email contains the recipient, offer, and card number. This can be inspected to prevent simple copy fraud.

Email us at [email protected] or call 402-819-7913 if you have any questions.