How to Redeem GiftKash

Check Out How to Redeem GiftKash Right From Your Phone!

Kailee Stephens - January, 2022

GiftKash is a simple eGiftcard solution for small to medium sized businesses. When a giftcard is sent, the recipient of the eGiftcard will receive an email that includes a QR code or a green 'Verify' button. The QR code can be used for a contact free checkout experience. The process for redeeming a GiftKash eGiftcard is as simple as 4 steps.

  1. Press the green 'Verify' button or scan the QRcode in the customers email
  2. Insert the location ID
  3. - The store associate will know this code or how to retrieve it from the giftcard code
  4. Insert the amount of the giftcard to be used at that time
  5. If there is a remaining balance, a giftcard for that amout will be emailed to the customer
  6. Click 'Redeem Now with Merchant' to finish redeeming the giftcard now

It's as easy as that! Now you have all of the steps needed to redeem you GiftKash eGiftcard!